These are some of the personal illustrations I worked on using watercolor, ink and polychromos pencils. These illustrations are available in my shop. 

If you wan to hire me for an illustration project or commission, kindly email me.

Portrait Series

These are some ink and polychromos pencil portraits that I do as study of faces. Most of the reference I take from Pinterest. I started working of these to understand lighting, layering and mixing ink with polychromos pencils on 300 gsm 100% cotton Hotpress Paper.

Watercolor Work

Some of my watercolor and polychromos works. Mixing with ink and polychromos pencils on 300 gsm 100% cotton Hotpress Paper I created these illustrations. I was scared at the beginning of watercolor but once I started working I understood how to control the flow and how to handle the textures more. With every piece I learn something new.


From Sketchbook

Some illustrations from my sketchbook. These are my experimental works. It’s always fun to experiment with different mediums. I usually use Moleskine sketchbooks or Derwent sketchbooks.

Acrylic Work

These are some acrylic works of mine. In between watercolor and ink I sometimes work with acrylic also. It’s fun to shift sometimes. It helps to understand working with each medium in a different way.